Golden Lust and Longing

I’ve spent almost the entirety of my life wanting a Golden Retriever.

It all started when I watched the movie Air Bud in elementary school. Oh that little dog just stole my heart in a way I’ve never fully gained back. This is also when I learned I am empathetic to a fault, as I sat for hours on the playroom floor weeping over that dog. He didn’t mean it Buddy!

So every year since then I have asked for the same gift for Christmas – a Golden Retriever puppy with a red bow on it underneath the Christmas Tree.

And guess what, to date, that still hasn’t happened.

When I was about 8, my brother and I wrote a petition to plead with my parents that we were, in fact, old enough and ready to take care of a dog. At this point we had been without our beloved Great Danes for several years, and it frankly was just time for a pup in the house again. So we got dressed up, summonsed a family meeting, sat our parents down, put on a full presentation – complete with bulleted talking points and visual aids, and ended by presenting our parents with a signed contractual agreement to show our full commitment to caring for the animal.

Magically, they agreed.

We went to the pound the following day to adopt a blind Golden Retriever named Sweetie that we had seen on the news. To our dismay, she was adopted about 30 minutes before our arrival, but the workers brought out a Collie Lab mix named Dutches, who stole our hearts within minutes. Dutches was the most loving, protective, silly dog I’ve ever met, and we loved her deeply until her passing my junior year of college.

I ached in missing her familiar tail wag greeting me at the front door for years, until finally my heart awoken to the frank need for a dog a little under a year ago. So my petitions for a Golden under the Christmas tree were implemented again, to no avail. THEN my big’s Golden got pregnant and all my dreams started coming true.

I brought Bonnet home at the end of June. And she has seriously been the best purchase I ever made. I love her so much that my heart could explode into a million tiny love fragments at any moment. So watch out unless you want a love bath.

Bonnie has been such a blessing to every person she has encountered. Puppy therapy is a real thing y’all. She’s the wiggliest, the cuddliest, and the orneriest animal I’ve ever met.

So without further adue, here is your cuteness overload for the day. You were well worth the wait, Bon!




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