ON NEW YEARZ (with a z)


Welcome to 2016 AND welcome to The Delighted! It is LAUNCH DAY! (A day over a year in the making).

*sprinkles the interwebs with glitter and dances a small jig*


It is now officially a new year. A time to reflect. And a time to refocus.

My family never prompted us to make New Year’s Resolutions growing up. So it wasn’t really a thing I knew existed until I was in Middle School, sitting in a Sunday school class, when the leader asked us all to go around the room and share our resolutions for the year aloud. I went last, so I had plenty of time to hear everyone else’s plans.

Be better a sports. Be nicer to my sister. Loose weight. Make the team. Be on time. Do my chores without being asked. Read my bible. Take up a new hobby. And other more middle school-y things.

When it finally got to me I paused for just a moment then finally said, “Just…to be better.”

Just to be better. And this idea idea of betterment has kind of been my governing mindset from that point on.



Now, resolutions can often become some creature showcasing your failed attempts or lack of follow through come December. But it truly doesn’t have to be. So here are my tips for successful resolutions.

  1. Be reasonable. Plan to loose 15 lbs. not 50. Bite size is the right size.
  2. Check it off. Some of my best resolutions were “check-off-able.” Or maybe I just love lists.
  3. Treat your resolution more like goals. Taking the time to goal set and cast vision over your year will have better fruit than one goal that you may put off over and over. Making it time sensitive (month-to-month) will help you stay on track. 1A9A7952
  4. Roll it over – be forgiving. If you don’t finish one or two goals on your list for this month, forgive yourself and roll them over onto the next. Remember the idea is betterment – not perfection.
  5. Find accountability. Having a partner in crime to lovingly ask you about your goals and push you to follow through is essential.
  6. Treat everyday like New Years – Be resolution minded. If you think of every day as a fresh start, then it’s never too late (or soon) to begin again or push yourself. 1A9A7944-2
  7. Infuse joy. Our time is short. Too short for too busy. Too short for stressed. Too short for sad. My best advice to you is to resolve to infuse joy in to your day-to-day. I think my favorite resolution of all time was to have a 30 second dance party everyday for a month. Once it was done, I found it was a habit I didn’t want to stop.
  8. Inject kindness. Our time is also too short to be so worried about ourselves. Get out of your own troubles and try to add some kindness to the world. The more you focus on another person’s perspective or hurt, the easier it becomes to get out of your own cycle of “woes” (voice of experience speaking).
  9. Categorize your goals. Don’t miss out on areas of growth by being too focused on one thing. Every year I plan specific resolutions for these areas: Inspire, Create, Grow, Give, Health, Renew, Heal. If you treated each one as a sentence stem, you have at least 7 pretty fabulous resolutions. (Ex: Give words of encouragement by sending a text to a friend telling them 5 good things you see in his or herself, Heal a broken relationship, Create 3 pieces of art.). 1A9A7950-2
  10. Celebrate as you accomplish. Cheer yourself on. Celebrate every small success and train your mind to actively engage in rooting on your friends as they succeed too.

Hope you find these tips helpful. Happy New Year. SO delighted to watch this one unfold. (see what I did there? *wink*)




2 thoughts on “ON NEW YEARZ (with a z)

  1. Delighted that I stumbled upon this treasure tonight friend! I didn’t realize y’all were doing this until tonight! Excited to follow your journey! Love and miss you!


  2. Delighted to have stumbled upon this treasure tonight! I didn’t know y’all were doing this until this evening! Excited to follow your journey! Love and miss you friend! Janna


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