P-salm on, y’all.

I remember the first time I was in Sunday School at my best friend’s church and was asked to read aloud from the Bible.

I was new to the “Big Kid” Bible, since I grew up with the illustrated Children’s Bible without official chapters and verses. Being the care-free little kid I was, I said OK(!), thumbed through my new Precious Moments Bible to find the right scripture, and began to read. When the verse was over, I finished by citing the book, chapter and verses. But, because I had never read from the book of Psalms, I pronounced it just like it looked – P-salms. How was my second-grade self supposed to know that the “P” was silent? Well, apparently everyone else in the class was well-versed in their pronunciations because they all started snickering… and not the cute kind of snickering that makes you feel a little silly but mostly precious, it was the kind of snicker that makes you feel ashamed and embarrassed and really stupid.

The funny thing is, God probably did get a good chuckle out of it because it was cute and sweet and innocent. I bet there was even a celebration in the Heavens because this child opened the Word of God and read truth out of the Psalms for the first time in her life.

Sadly, this is the perfect depiction of how the world views us and assesses versus how God views and assesses us. As the Lord said to Samuel, “…man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (1 Sam 16.7).

P-salm on, y’all.

xoxo, Julie


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