Things I Learned as a Sheep

One time, I got paid to be the Serta sheep for a day and it was the time of my life. I trotted around a store, taking pictures with people of all ages, moonwalking down aisles (or attempting to do so, at least), blowing sheep kisses and making cameo dance appearances on all the teens’ Snapchats. Oh, it was a glorious day.


Now because I know you’re dying to know, here are some really important things I learned from my 4.5 hours as a sheep: 

  1. Dreams come true. I mean, coming from the girl who rented a baby lamb for her bridal portraits – I got to be a sheep for a day and it was totally awesome.
  2. People will think you are crazy for accepting such a job. When I told people what I was doing, I’m pretty sure everyone said: “Why?” BECAUSE IT’S FUN TO PRETEND I’M MY FAVORITE ANIMAL FOR A DAY, THAT’S WHY.
  3. The greatest thing in the world is to be in a costume where nobody can recognize you. I was in a head-to-toe sheep costume… in other words, there was no way anyone could identify me. I had the best time because of this. I, in my opinion, was the greatest/most energetic sheep in the history of all sheep.
  4. Mascot costumes are really, really hot. I had to get out of the suit every 25 minutes to prevent myself from blacking out and dying on the floor. It took me 3 days (not even kidding) to get my hydration levels back at a healthy level.
  5. People think it’s really funny when the Serta sheep lays on a Serta mattress. 
  6. You need to have a fun, helpful handler when you’re a sheep. Shoutout to Caitlin for making sure I didn’t run into too many things and for snapping so many awesome Polaroid photos that day. Guys, she really was the best sheep handler you could ask for. IMG_3261
  7. To be a good mascot, you have to be fairly smart. For example, when approaching older people, you can not do so abruptly because you might startle them into a heart attack (for the record, I do not know this by experience, I’m just speculating). Also, some kids will run away when they see a giant animal approaching them – but it’s up to you as the mascot to decide if they are running away bashfully or if they are truly terrified. Some kids just want to be chased for fun; some kids will have nightmares for the next 22 years of their life if you continue to chase them.
  8. One must have a YOLO mindset at all times. Lady at talent agency: “Julie, would you want to be the Serta sheep for a day?” Julie: “Um, yes.”

xoxo, Julie


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