To the girls behind me at Starbucks

Dear sweet and precious college girls chatting behind me at Starbucks,

You’ve been here for 2 hours. Though I have chuckled (on the inside) at a few of your stories, can I give you some advice? Something I wish someone would have told me as a freshman?

You’ve spent more than 120 minutes across the table from one another and have only talked about others.

Your time with your girlfriends is so sacred. So here’s my (unsolicited) advice: Talk about yourselves. Talk about each other. Dig deep and connect on a personal, vulnerable level. Love the deepest parts of each other, swapping stories of your victory and your defeat. Inspire each other. Encourage each other. Laugh with each other. Share your hearts. Dream together.

Really, just connect. Because, let me tell you, magical things happen when you connect.

The girl who has been there and is still learning the same thing


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