Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

My little home got it’s first live Christmas tree this year. Christmas Tree hunting is one of the best parts of the season and it was certainly the best part of date night.

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Lately its the little things in life that are bringing me the most joy, and this trip to the Christmas tree lot was one of those moments. The air was crisp and cold and the lot smelled like a campsite as logs crackled in their wood burning stove. The boy scouts were patient and helpful as we dug through the trees and found the one that was just right.

I’m busy trimming that tree right now as Christmas music tickles my ears, but I just had to share some photos from our trip to the lot while I do. Perhaps they will be one of those little things that fills you with joy today, too.

❤ Jenn


Also huge shout out to Troop 80 Tree Land for letting me and my pup play on their lot! We highly recommend them if you are still shopping around for a tree this year!


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