“I am for you”


After the happiest confetti-filled exit at our wedding two years ago, Dean whisked me away in some really fancy car that he arranged to borrow from a friend.
Rewind 10 years to our junior year at Amarillo High, and any couple that withstood at least a month of dating picked “a song.” At the start of our fling, we were together in the car and heard Howie Day’s smash hit – Collide. Voila, we found our song that day.
Fast forward through high school, college, our engagement season and our wedding reception, and we hopped into that getaway car with the radio left on from the owner. Our hearts were fuller than full; our wedding day was much anticipated by the two kids that fell in love as teenagers. Just before we arrived at our hotel, lo and behold, Collide came on the radio.
Things to remember: this song came out in 2003. 2003! And was perhaps the most overplayed song in the history of all songs. And yet, coincidentally, the radio station that was left on by the owner happened to play our special song from high school at the end of our wedding day.
Dean and I locked eyes and laughed in shock. Now, I’m convinced that was the Lord whispering to us “I am for you.”
And He has been for us. He’s been so good to us. I cannot imagine a more beautifully-crafted, hard-working, loving, hilarious, strong, brave partner than Dean. He is my greatest gift sent from the most mighty, powerful Father. 




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