5 things//April

I’ve been sort of struggling with writer’s block for this thing for months and months. I feel like the expectation to promote choosing joy mixed with my desire for authenticity on the web kind of made me feel trapped. Almost like if I didn’t have anything “happy” to say then I ought not say anything at all.

But we all know life isn’t always happy.

Mine is no exception.

And I’ve been allowing that to keep me quiet, instead of keeping me REAL.

So I’m removing expectation on myself and on this blog starting with a month of April 5 things post. My desire for “5 things” posts is to just be real things going on in my life. Big, small, happy, sad, and everything in between. And I’d really love to hear your 5 things, too.


Cord and I have been settling nicely into engagement. I still feel like the newness hasn’t fully worn off and I surprise myself every time I hear the words “My Fiancé” escape my lips. My family threw us a wonderful engagement party and it gave Cord a chance to spend quality time with my extended family. I was pretty touched that we had people drive 9+ hours just to be there. I’m still avoiding wedding planning like the plague, though. I just want to enjoy this sweet season as the time in my life that I got engaged to my best friend, rather than the time I planned a wedding. I’ll get around to that part this summer.

P.S. I’ll be posting the proposal story soon!


This month has been full of some of my favorite activities for my first graders. We had our field trip to Palo Duro Canyon and our Western Day celebration to wrap up our Texas learning fun. Palo Duro Canyon is always a hit and totally blows our students away. My favorite part of the field trip is always how quiet the bus ride home is. Our kiddos play so hard that they almost all fall sound asleep on the ride back to school. For Western Day my students made stick horses again this year. They were so precious making and naming their horses and they beamed with pride trotting around on their ponies. Crazy to think there are only 17 school days left until summer break!


I had my birthday last week. Turned 27 and have mixed feelings about it. *shrug* Didn’t have a big celebration this year and I’m okay with that! But I am starting to understand more that those people that want be in your life and celebrate you will always put forth some effort and find a way. Seems to make it even more special that way.

Help Wanted: I was 0 help with birthday gift ideas this year. My mom and Fiancé are still waiting for me to make suggestions…so please help. What does a human 27 year old want or need these days?


This weekend we worked on the grounds around the house. We replanted grass seed, trimmed hedges, cut down trees, dug up roots, and trimmed the rose bushes. It was hard work but I really loved feeling like a team with Cord and the yards look so fresh! I’m covered in cuts from trimming the roses (note to self, invest in gloves). I do not claim to be a gardener and that was my first time really cutting the rose bushes back. I had a small battle with myself while cutting perfectly good stems off just to clean it up. I realized though that sometimes too much of a good thing, can really be too much. But I made a lovely lush green arrangement out of the clippings and it helped me feel like I’d put the trimmings to good use.


I am trying hard to stay organized and ahead as the school year winds down. Checklists everywhere! I’m a true creative, so organization does not come naturally to me. I’ve had to train my brain to seek structure for it’s benefits. I feel like I’m the best I’ve been at it this year! Being ahead certainly leaves less room for stress. What’s your best organization tip?


Well lovelies. I sincerely  hope your week is off to a good start and that these 5 things have brought us a little closer. I’m looking forward to hearing yours!

❤ Jenn


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