The Delighted

Delighted [dih-lahy-tid] (adjective): Extreme pleasure or satisfaction and joy.

The Delighted, seeks to be a group of people, a community, and a movement that trains our hearts and minds to actively and intentionally look for the good and the joy in all situations and circumstances. The Delighted is a made up of people who can acknowledge that life is extremely hard, but choose to throw confetti around anyway. And through our personal desire to do live in this way, we inspire others to live and live fully.

Sometimes there is more beauty in the broken and in the breaking than our human hearts are able to comprehend. We are not inherently built to see the joy and good in all things. That is why the Bible tells us to delight ourselves in the LORD and he will give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4). This happens subtly as our desires grow to look more like Him and less like ourselves.

Our favorite part of the word delighted, though, comes not from its definition but from its root — light.

May this place be a light. A light to shine through the darkness. A light to shine on the lies we tell ourselves. A light to point straight to the Giver of all delight. HE is our delight and when we fix our eyes on him, He allows us to see delight in all situations because we are seeing Him in them. HE is the delight. And when we fix our eyes on Him solely, our lives are delightful.

The Delighted is all about helping you find delight in all corners of life. We want to inspire you to take delight in all things — in moments, in snapshots, and irony. Whether that be in deep words or a simple conversation about cookie cake — that it may inspire you to live.