The Gang

Meet Jennifer.

Hi! My name is Jennifer, but you can call me Jenn.

I am a twenty-something Texas based photographer and teacher with a soft spot for all things golden. I enjoy witty people, coffee, and anything artsy and crafty. And I’ll warn you now – I’m a hugger.

IMG_9132I see beauty where others seen none, own way too many coffee mugs and black tops, laugh too much, and can’t help but make Forrest Gump references in conversation. I love deeply and strive to make that love look like Jesus.

My family, friends, boyfriend, gang of six year olds, and puppy keep me company on the day to day. They make me better. And inspire me to walk through life in a path of delight.



Meet Julie.

Hi there, I’m Julie. Some call me Jules and that’s perfectly ok because I like pretending to be fancy.

I’m a lover of baby lambs and any kind of cake. I was born to create, to write and to spread joy. Color is my lovIMG_8817e language. I love to laugh and to love on those around me.

My husband, Dean, is the most wonderful (and handsome!) man on this Earth. We have two furry babies, Theo & Watson.

I’m into pretty things, tea parties, greeting cards, fitness, berries, good lighting, inspiring words, polka dots, powerful vocalists, flowers, morning coffee, all things kate spade and giving gifts.

I love the Lord and I desire to live an inspired and delighted life.

xoxo, Julie